This would be my third or fourth Whole Life Challenge. I have done it each time it’s offered. Why?  Because each time, something has shifted for me in a really good way.

Rarely do we change everything all at once and then be able to maintain the changes.I have found that at least one thing from each challenge has resonated in some way with other things going on in my life at the time and it becomes how I do things moving forward.

Intuitive eating really is a good idea. Intuitive everything actually.  Micros and macros…I don’t even know what that means but it probably belongs with university economics courses and not with how I’m trying to feed my body.  But eating intentionally and thoughtfully – that is something I’d like to try…

Thank you Tash for your take on why you do the Whole Life Challenge!

Which of the following habits would you want to put some consistency into? Sleep, Mobility, Hydration, Mindfulness/Well-being, or Exercise?

The Whole Life Challenge is a sustainable, habit-forming, 6 week, community-supported, app-driven challenge that we do together at CFM. Jump on board!

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