It’s that time again! Whether you’re going back to work, your kids are going back to school or you’re just ready to get back into routine after summer, September feels like a fresh start.Here are a few tips to help you feel more prepared to start September off well.

1. Get your sleep.
Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep. Create a night time routine, (turn off electronics an hour before bed and de-stress), to help have a relaxing sleep.

2. Plan your week and meals.
Planning your schedule at the beginning of the week will help ease the stress and busyness during the week. If you have a partner and/or family, sync your online calendar and have a physical calendar in the house. Include all activities and meals so that everyone knows what to expect.

3. Make lunches the night before.
Preparing lunches the night before will make your mornings easier and less stressful.

4. Don’t overbook yourself.
Having too many activities when you are trying to get back into a routine can make it very difficult.  Try to limit extra activities and allow yourself to have time to rest & destress.

5. Eat whole foods.
Fill your body with whole, nutritious foods that will help you have more energy throughout your day!

6. Drink more water.
Water will increase your physical performance, increase energy levels and brain function. Try to limit sugary drinks, try adding a slice of lemon or berries for flavour.  Also, limiting your caffeine intake can be helpful.Good luck creating a new September routine!

If you need support & accountability to form new habits, email us or read more about our Whole Life Nutrition Focused Coaching, a custom program that could be the right fit for you!

– Coach Kim