A big part of your health depends on what you eat. If you are spending time and money on training, CrossFit or another form of movement, but your plate is full of processed foods (cookies, crackers, chips, white sugar), you are doing yourself and your wallet a disservice.  Get that kitchen working for you and you’ll be surprised what kinds of improvements you’ll see at the gym and in life!

HEALTH is not just about food. Sleep, relationships, fun, water intake, exercise, mobility, spirituality and mindfulness are also important to creating whole-life health.

Think about small changes over time. Massive overhauls don’t usually work for most of us and don’t prove to be sustainable. Focus on eating real food and minimizing the unhelpful foods one at a time.

START with acceptance. Start with things you’re grateful for and what you are already doing right (everyone’s doing something right!). AND how does it feel to be in your body now? Don’t worry about what society tells you you should look like.