Taking on new challenges can be scary.

I recently got a new job as a manager at Boundary Trails Hospital and even though I have the passion and skills for the job, this new position is far outside my comfort zone and the learning curve will be steep! Even the wardrobe change has me thrown a bit (scrubs to admin clothes)!

I will need to work hard and learn new skills to be successful in this job. This will take time and dedication, and a good dose of humble pie as I face all of the new tasks in front of me. I’ll seek out advice and mentoring from those who are more experienced than me and from those who have been doing this job longer than me, and I’ll celebrate my small accomplishments along the way.

It would be easier if I just stayed in my previous position. I was still having fun there, loving what I did and enjoying the people I worked with. It would’ve been different if I didn’t like what I was doing and was ready to leave, but this is different. I took a leap into the unknown and left something good. This job could blow up in my face, it could end up being the wrong fit or not what I imagined it to be. But I know I would regret it if I didn’t give it an honest shot and put my whole self into it.

If we always pick the well-worn path, the easy route, the job that’s comfortable, the couch (sometimes the couch is the right choice, but you know what I mean), stick with a weight on the bar that doesn’t push us outside of our comfort zone a little (…in a safe way and with great technique, of course… that goes without being said), we miss out on what life has to offer us and we miss out on the growth that comes from challenge and adversity.

Is there a leap you’re hesitating to take, a new position at work, a new goal in the gym that feels intimidating (and a little exciting too)?! My challenge to you is to make a plan, check your attitude and jump! Life is short folks. Don’t be afraid of jumping into the unknown, even if the ground you’re standing on is good. If you set your mind to it, face set backs with humility and confidence and celebrate small wins along the way, you will – I almost guarantee it – be surprised by what you’re capable of.

Cheers to your PR’s in 2020!


PS: Did you know that we offer free Athlete Check-In’s that include the option to set a goal? These are available to any CFM member. If you want a little help making a good plan and some encouragement to take the leap!