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If you’ve never done CrossFit before, then OnRamp is where you’ll want to begin.

OnRamp is our introductory course for preparing you for CrossFit classes. It begins with a Movement Screen and is followed by six 1-hour Personal Training sessions where you’ll be introduced to the basic movements taught in the regular CrossFit classes, the philosophy and key principles that guide the CrossFit methodology, and learn about whole body health including nutrition and mobility. Every class includes a classic CrossFit workout that can be scaled to any level of fitness.

OnRamp is a requirement for all members prior to joining (unless you’ve taken a similar program at a different CrossFit gym). Once you’ve taken OnRamp and your coach decides that you’re ready to go, you will be able to take any CrossFit class on the schedule.

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Taking the OnRamp course to join CrossFit Morden is an excellent introduction to the CrossFit world. The workouts are well structured and well explained. Each day you learn new skills and train hard. The coaches are committed to your learning success and ensure you are feeling at ease. They provide positive constructive feedback and will work with you at the level you are at. There are always modifications to every skill and everyone works at their own level. The atmosphere is fun, positive and full of energy. The other athletes are engaging and encouraging. You walk away feeling like you’ve accomplished so much and you can’t wait until the next time. I absolutely love it.


Nurse Practitioner, Mom, Wife, Awesomely strong lady!

I was so nervous to start the OnRamp course. I’ve never been an overly athletic person but had been going to the gym for years and was looking for something new. Coach Josh was so laid back and approachable and within the first 5 minutes of my session, the nerves were gone. I appreciated the one-on-one setting when it came to learning new skills and how to properly do exercises I had been doing for years. By the end of the 6 sessions of one-on-one OnRamp I felt confident, prepared and excited to dive in to my first CrossFit class!


I had the pleasure of completing my OnRamp training one-on-one with Matt at CrossFit Morden. It was a fantastic introduction to CrossFit!! I thought it was a good way to learn the skills because you have the benefit of asking all of the questions without feeling judged, or simply awkward! I loved having someone watch closely every move that was done and give direction for improvement! I also loved the encouragement that was given when moves were done correctly. One of the best things about CrossFit Morden is the positive, encouraging atmosphere that has been cultured there, it is amazing!!

I am Steve Friesen and I love CrossFit!!


If you were previously a member of a CrossFit box and have taken an OnRamp / Intro to CrossFit course:
Athletes who have extensive CrossFit experience may arrange an evaluation session with a coach to determine if OnRamp or some additional training is needed before joining us. In some cases, experienced athletes can skip our OnRamp course. Evaluation sessions are approximately 30 minutes and are $20+gst.

I very much enjoyed the OnRamp class, and looked forward to each one. I joined the class with my 16-year old daughter and we had a great time together. Even though I was one of the oldest people in the class at 51, I felt very comfortable. The instructors helped modify the movements so that I could still do the workout and feel challenged. The high teacher/student ratio meant good feedback to ensure that I was doing the movements correctly, giving me a good workout and ensuring I didn’t injure myself. Most of all, I loved the supportive atmosphere and the encouragement that all the instructors gave as we went through the workout. I felt like I was working to improve my own performance and not working against everyone else. By the end of the course, I had improved in my endurance and strength, as well as my recovery time. My daughter and I plan to continue CrossFit and are signing up in the new year!


Teacher, Mom, Wife, Cabin-goer, Amazing girl-who-lifts!

You’re interested in individualized, personal training.
You might be looking for some focused attention to master a new skill or maximize your efficiency with a current strength – things that go beyond what can be accomplished in a normal group setting. This option also works well for the person who isn’t quite ready to work within the group setting or someone who prefers a quieter, one-on-one setting.

Private training is an amazingly effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to identify and clarify your goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically for you.

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