Energy Out

Typically, society thinks that calories in vs. calories out is as simple as what you eat vs. how many calories you burn in your workout. Well, it’s not that simple.

Metabolism = TDEE

TDEE = Total Daily Energy Expenditure and can be broken down into 5 categories.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) This is the minimum level of energy needed to maintain vital body functions such as brain activity, breathing or keeping your heart pumping blood while you lay motionless. Keeping yourself alive is hard work. This accounts for 65-75% of your TDEE.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) This is the amount of energy used by the body in a resting state. When your body is digesting, absorbing and assimilating nutrients it is actively working. This can only be done while in a parasympathetic state. Repair and maintenance of muscles is part of the energy used for RMR which is why its so important to down regulate after a WOD. RMR accounts for 7-13% of your TDEE.

Thermal Effect of Feeding (TEF) The simple act of eating food will increase metabolism. Food can be categorized under three macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. Each requiring a different amount of energy to metabolize. Protein requiring the most, fat the least and Carbohydrates falling in the middle depending on their nature. The thermal effect varies by sex, age, height and weight. This accounts for 7-13% of your TDEE.

BMR (70%) + RMR (10%) + TEF (10%) = 90% OF TDEE

Where does the other 10% come into play?

The remaining 10% comes from our final two categories of metabolism.

Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (EAT) This is purposeful movement such as doing a WOD or going for a run.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) This is all our daily motion that we put no thought into like brushing our teeth, talking, walking, chewing, or fidgeting.

The largest influence on our NEAT value is our occupation, followed by how we spend our free time. Construction workers or nurses who are on their feet most of the day, lifting and moving objects or people will expend more energy than professional drivers or those who conduct their work from a desk. Changing your job to increase your NEAT value isn’t realistic but making small lifestyle changes that can have a big and lasting effect on our health sure is.

The time you spend outside of the gym far exceeds the time you spend inside the gym thus giving you a very large opportunity to create health in your life. You can’t out train a bad diet nor can you out train a sedentary lifestyle.

Some ideas to consider that would increase our NEAT value are:

  • Setting yourself up at work with an adjustable workstation to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing positions
  • Walking or pacing while you are on the phone
  • Walking or riding a bike to work
  • Walking or riding a bike to get the mail
  • Alternating floors between cleaning tasks to get those extra stair climbs in
  • Parking further away from the grocery store
  • Take the stairs rather then the escalator or elevator

The amount of time we spend sitting really starts to add up when you consider meals, driving, desk jobs, watching tv, and scrolling through the gram while on the toilet and your feet fall asleep. Some areas of life we need to just sit down and relax and others we an incorporate small change such as squatting, balancing on one foot or stretching while watching television.

We know that being a part of CrossFit Morden #prairieohana is far more then our “Fran” time or our “CrossFit Total” (3 attempts of each lift to build to a 1RM Back squat + 1RM Strict Press + 1RM Deadlift = CrossFit Total) While encompassing that we are developing and strengthening our mental, existential, relational, emotional and environmental health and well being. So, while we navigate through this unique time of social distancing lets call it what it is and allow it to only be physical distancing. (Interesting Fact: I call it a unique time but its not, these protocols were put in place back in 1919 after the war when the Spanish influenza was running ramped. Will we reflect on history and learn, or will history repeat itself? The 1919 hit “Influenza Blues” by Essie Jenkins illustrates this in our minds.) let’s not add fear or stress into our lives of losing our fitness in this time, it’s just not going to happen.

If you are interested in connecting with positive people and creating long lasting healthy habits in your life, join team CrossFit Morden this spring April 11th – May 22nd,  as coach Kim Driedger will be leading us through the Whole Life Challenge.

The @wholelifechallenge is an online platform that connects friends and teammates with a common goal of developing or strengthening seven habits through small consistent efforts. The WLC focuses on:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mobility
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Well-being
  • Reflection

After 6 weeks of working and connecting with your teammates you will get to decide if these are things you want to carry on with. Do you want to be rested and well fed, active and limber, fit and hydrated, less stressed and more connected?

Stay Healthy,
Coach Jesse @jfallis204
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