his was my first time doing the Whole Life Challenge. I have felt for quite some time that I needed to do something about my health. Up until I started doing CrossFit a year ago I was pretty sedentary, not eating very healthy and gaining weight and diabetes runs in the family. When the opportunity came for me to try the WLC, I jumped on it. I saw it as an opportunity to grow into a healthier lifestyle in a supportive group environment. I liked the accountability aspect and the scoring system they have in place. I also liked that the focus was not on just eating better but on whole life wellness ie: sleep, hydration, mobility, exercise, mindfulness and reflection. ⁣

How did the challenge help me? I realized that being intentional about what you eat can be fun and can taste really good. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally and I happened to lose a few pounds along the way which is a huge bonus. I developed a few good habits and learned that it is ok to not have a “perfect” day when it comes food choices. Allow yourself some indulgences and enjoy them while you’re at it. Show yourself a little grace and forgiveness and you’ll find it a lot more sustainable in the long run.⁣

I suggest everyone try it at least once and be willing to change. What’s the worst that could happen? ⁣

– Bob