7 week series
November 5 – December 17

WHEN: Tuesdays 9:45-10:30am (45 mins) *Note: Class 1 on November 5 will be 1 hour
WHERE: CrossFit Morden

Come hang out with other moms, move and have some fun! 

This class is designed specifically for pregnant and post-partum mom’s and offers a casual atmosphere where the babes and kiddos are welcome! Pelvic floor health education and movement strategy will be offered and each class will build upon the last. In addition to instruction on how to move well for where you’re at in your journey, there will be time to warm up and have a fun workout that’s scalable (do-able and fun!) to any stage of mom life. 

Wear your baby, keep them nearby, or set them up on the gym couches to watch you sweat (no childcare available). No child age limit. 

If you are new to this class, we require that you attend the FIRST class of this series as it will lay the foundation for the entire series. If you are a returning mom, it’s a great refresher and you’ll probably hear something you didn’t hear the last time you took MomFit. We encourage everyone to attend class 1. 

If you attended Series 1, the workouts in Series 2 will be all be new!

We’re limiting the group to 10 women.


7 class pass $73.50+gst ($10.50/cl)
6 class pass $64.50+gst ($10.75/cl)
5 class pass $55+gst ($11/cl)

*If you are new to this class, we require that you attend the FIRST class of this series as it will lay the foundation for the entire series. If you are a returning mom, it’s a great refresher and you’ll probably hear something you didn’t hear the last time you took MomFit. We encourage everyone to attend class 1.

*All passes expire on December 17, 2019

If you are pregnant and have not actively exercised prior to this series, it’s generally not recommended to begin a new type of fitness program. For that reason please consult your doctor before you sign up!

If you’re interested in future MomFit series and would like to be on our contact list, please email Brooke at

Lisa Hildebrand, CrossFit Morden Coach

  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Athleticism Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

This class is taught by Lisa Hildebrand, a CrossFit Level 1 trainer whose specialty is pregnancy and postpartum coaching. She’s currently enrolled in Brianna Battles Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Course. Lisa has been nursing for 6 years at Boundary Trails Health Center, where she has developed a love for the ER/ICU. She’s your average girl, didn’t grow up playing sports, and did the bare minimum physical requirements. In 2015, Lisa and her husband Josh started working out in Joel and Brooke’s garage, where they immediately knew this was something they were going to love. It went beyond fitness and developed into a family of like-minded people. She’s able to give great insight into fitness and pregnancy with her first-hand experience and has developed a passion for women’s health.

I am so excited to be part of this 6 week journey with you. If you’re nervous, you’re feeling out of your comfort zone? I completely understand, the feelings are totally okay. Know that you will be with an amazing group of women that are from all walks of life. I am here to meet you where you are at. I have programmed each week so you can work at your own pace. Go hard, go slow, whatever is right for you in that moment. 

In addition to getting in a great workout, I will help guide you to move safely with a focus on your pelvic floor and fitness. We only get one body so let’s do our best to show it some love and respect.  

What to bring? 
Water bottle, and yourself.

Your kids are welcome. It was really important that I create a space that allows you to bring your kids. I know how hard it can be to find someone to watch the kiddos so you can have your own time. So here you can still have your time, it may just have more distractions. It’s a part of the journey we are all on. 

We will start at 9:45am sharp so if you need to change at the gym or are bringing your kids and need some time to set them up, please show up a few minutes early. 

Tips and ideas for bringing your kids:

  • Stroller – if they are young some babes don’t mind sitting in a stroller. This has been a great option for some. 
  • Bring a pack-and-play and have them hang out in there. 
  • Bring books or toys.
  • ipad or phone – this is a judgment free zone – set up a movie for them if you want. 
  • For the older kids that understand boundaries or are starting to understand boundaries, I will have a line on the floor. This may be helpful for some of you. Showing them not to go beyond this point. This may allow you some space.  
  • Carrier – with the babes sometimes it’s the only thing that works.
  • Lastly, give yourself grace. If you let them cry for a minute or two you are not a bad mom. If you pick them up when they cry you are not a bad mom. I am here to support you wherever you are at.

Your coach,

Pregnancy and Postpartum One-on-one Sessions

Has a trainer ever told you that postpartum recovery should include “training your core” by doing a ton of sit-ups, planks and kegels?

How about these statements: “just listen to your body” and “do what you’ve always done” either during or after pregnancy?

Were you told that it’s normal after you have a baby to pee while jumping, running or any other physical activity?

There is so much misguided information out there (even if it is well intentioned), and it’s exhausting for mom’s to find good information on what to do during this important time of life.

Brooke is a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. She completed her training through Brianna Battles, one of the leading educators and trainers in the field. This is awesome for our community because we have lots of moms in the area, because postpartum is forever, and because we believe it’s our responsibility as coaches to know how to guide athletes in a proactive and strategic way through this time of their life.

Women want to maintain their fitness throughout and after pregnancy and they need intelligent, individualized strategy to do so. Brooke can provide a foundational strategy of finding good postural alignment and utilizing the Piston Breath method (establishes a healthy pressure system by with the diaphragm, deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor), and she can offer individualized programming for each athlete, depending on their circumstances.

CrossFit is not a prerequisite for learning this technique. For more information or to book a private session contact Brooke (204-823-2792).

Brooke Nelson

  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Athleticism Coach through Brianna Battles.
  • 500hr RYT through Yoga Alliance
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
  • The Art of Breath 101

“Continuing CrossFit throughout my pregnancy was an easy decision for me. Right from the start, the coaches provided me with individualized information and techniques that allowed me to move safely and with confidence. The support I received from everyone at CFM was a huge motivator for me to keep active. I have no doubt that the physical strength I gained from CrossFit helped get me through labour and my postpartum recovery.” – Jocelyne

“Just over a week has gone by since the delivery of baby Charlee and I can’t credit Joel, Brooke, and Lisa enough for preparing me for my endurance needed during labor and most importantly the strength postpartum to ease my recovery. Learning piston breathing at the beginning of pregnancy was a learning curve but really benefitted in the end. I would recommend and encourage anyone who is contemplating working with CrossFit Morden during pregnancy to go for it. They support and always have safe and appropriate modifications personalized to your pregnancy needs.” – Britt

If you’re looking for a local Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, we recommend contacting Morden Physiotherapy to make an appointment with Ashley or Carly: (204) 822-6824