Barbell Club

(Currently available to CFM Members Only)

Do you love weightlifting and working on the Olympic lifts? This club’s for you!

This class is an excellent compliment to your CrossFit membership if you want to spend a little extra time on lifting. It will help you improve your lifts by building both speed and positional strength. It’s designed to get you more comfortable and strong through high volume programming, mobility work, speed and accessory movements.

Coaches Matt and Joel will be coaching the 1 hour class. All have a passion for lifting and will be able to help you refine your technique will also providing smart programming for the hour.

Who is Barbell Club for?

  • You are a CFM member and have had some good practice already with lifts and are hoping to spend more focused time on them (ie: you’re not brand new to lifting).
  • You want to spend dedicated time with improving your technique.
  • You’re injury-free and can easily squat below parallel as well as have the shoulder health to put a heavy bar overhead. These sessions will have lots of volume (more weight and more reps). If you are working with any type of injury or have restricted hip or shoulder mobility that prevents you from putting your shoulders overhead or moving into a squat with your hips below your knees, this class is not suitable for you.

Thursdays 6:30pm

* You’re required to warmup BEFORE class starts. Start your warmup by at least 6:15pm.
* For CFM members. Exceptions may be made depending on experience. Contact us to chat more!

Cancellation Policy:
1 hr cancellation limit (if you sign up for the class but cancel less than 1 hr before class, you will lose your pass to the class).

I have been working out with these guys for a couple of months now, and besides the fantastic camaraderie atmosphere, I can assure you that this is the best place to get better with barbell lifting.

I have been training CrossFit for almost five years now, and always relied on my strength to perform Olympic lifts.

After qualifying for Canwest Games, I started a plan to get ready for the competition. I realized that one thing that I have room (lots of) to improve on is my lifts. If I could get better on technique, I would be able to lift even higher weights, and maybe that could help me get a spot on the podium.

So I asked Brooke if I could try a class on Barbell Club to see if I would enjoy it!

After my first class, many misconceptions about the Barbell Club disappeared and I would like to share 2 of those here:

1. Barbell Club is all about getting heavy on weights. Yes, it is (if you want), but it is also an excellent occasion to get comfortable dropping under the bar, or even understand and practice how to perform 15 or 20 light snatches with safety and good technique.

2. Barbell Club is designed just for strong people. No, it is not! It is the place for everyone that wants to get better on technique. It is a free judgment zone.

I am a happy person at Barbell Club, and feel really satisfied at the end of each session.