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Group CrossFit Memberships

* GST not included in prices listed below.

OnRamp Pricing

* GST not included in prices listed below.

Out-of-town visitors

Drop-In: $20 (incl. tax)
5 Class Pass: $75+gst
10 Class Pass: $140+gst

Test-Out Session: For CrossFitters relocating to CFM $30+tax

*We currently do not offer punch cards or drop-in options for residents.

*Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Account, Cash. Sorry no Debit at this time.

Monthly Memberships
CrossFit memberships are charged to your account on the same day every month. The day is based on the day that you originally signed up (ie, if you started your membership on the 7th, then it will renew on the 7th of every month.)

Changes to your monthly membership
Any and all changes to your membership must be given within 15 days notice of the renewal date via email. (info@crossfitmorden.ca)

Signing up for classes:
You can register for any class on the schedule that you see in Wodify in the “CrossFit” program. Everyone signs up for their classes before they come – we don’t encourage dropping in without first signing up for the class. It’s always a great idea to sign up at least a week before class to reserve the spots you want. 

Cancelling from class:
If you can’t make it to class, please sign yourself out of class to make space for someone else who might want in. The classes do fill up, so cancelling at least 2 hrs before class is really helpful to everyone!

Cancellation/No-Show Policy for Personal Training Appointments
You may cancel your session up to 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours, your class will be assumed/forfeited. If you don’t show up to a scheduled session, your class will not be refunded.

Children in the Gym
For the safety of your children, we require that all children be in our couch zone or in a playpen for the entire hour of class.  

Some days we’re throwing barbells, swinging kettlebells and picking up some heavy things… this type of environment is not kid friendly, and we don’t want anything unfortunate to happen to them. This policy includes keeping children by the couch zone during warmup and workouts that don’t involve equipment as well. 

It’s not the responsibility of the coach to enforce this policy, so please ensure that your child knows that they can’t come to you while you’re working out or be on equipment during the class (even if that equipment is not being used such as a rower or a bike). 

Children can come alongside their parent during cool-down/stretching after the workout. Additionally, children are not allowed to use any equipment without permission of the coach on the floor during class or outside of class hours (ie: ropes, bikes, rowers, pull-up rig, rings etc.). Again, this is for the safety of your children and for ease of mind of other members and coaches in the gym. 

At the beginning of a group class at CFM:

  • Please come at least 5 mins before your class starts so you can go to the washroom, put shoes on, drink some water etc. We start right on time!
  • Sign in at the Wodify kiosk.
  • If you want to come earlier to stretch, foam roll or warmup or do Crossover Symmetry, please do!

At the end of a group class at CFM:

  • Wait until everyone’s done their workout and cheer the last person on. Please don’t clean up equipment until the last person is done. 
  • High fives all around!
  • If you had a PR, write it on the Bright Spots Board!
  • Spray and wipe down equipment used and put things away so the gym is ready for the next class. 
  • Stretch together.
  • Record your workout score in Wodify. 

Class wait lists and Late Cancellations:
If there is a class time that you want to attend but the class is full, reserve yourself into the wait list (and please don’t double book yourself that day for 2 classes). Wodify automatically emails you when a spot has opened up in the class. Reservations after that notification are first-come, first-served.

All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist in the order they signed up. If a spot in the class opens 1 hour or more before the class begins, the first athlete on the waitlist is automatically put in the class. If it’s within an hour before the class begins, nobody will be automatically put into the class.

Any cancelled reservation that occurs within the 1 HOUR Cancellation Window is marked as a ‘Late Cancellation’. Athlete’s late cancellation will be automatically put against their attendance limit.

Example: Joel has a reservation for the 5:00pm CrossFit class. The Cancellation Window is 1 hour.  Sam cancels his reservation at 4:30 the day of the class.  Since his cancellation occurred 30 minutes before class starts his reservation is marked as a Late Cancellation.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy for Personal Training Appointments

You may cancel your session up to 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours, your class will be assumed/forfeited. If you don’t show up to a scheduled session, your class will not be refunded.

Account holds:
If for vacation, illness or work, you have to be away for 2 weeks or more, we can put your membership on hold. We require at least 1 week notice on this hold. Holds cannot be back-dated.

All memberships and private training programs must be paid in advance and in full. All memberships and payment will be on auto-renew and auto-payment unless you have specifically arranged with us to change that. Failure to attend class does not relieve you of the obligation to pay for your membership. Memberships begin on the date you sign up.

  1. If you fail to pay your membership fee (ie, your credit card processing fails), it is your responsibility to bring us an alternative payment method within 5 days. Failing to do this will result in your membership being cancelled. You will not be permitted to attend class if you have not paid your membership.
  2. All Speciality programs have a firm start and end date. These programs must be paid in advance and in full before the program begins. A person may still register for the program at its original price 7 days after the program starts if they happened to miss the first class, knowing fully that they do not get a discount for the missed class. After the 7 days, the drop in rate will apply. 
  3. All Memberships are subject to a 2.5%-3% increase per year. 
  4. Memberships are the sole responsibility of the individual who registers. Memberships cannot be transferred over to another individual

CrossFit Morden does not offer refunds.

Payments that are returned unpaid because of Non-Sufficient Funds from a credit card, cheque, bank account or other method of payment are subject to a $25 fee. 

Lost and Found
Items that are left at the box will be placed in the lost and found box. If these items stay in the box for a period longer than 2 weeks, they will be kindly donated to a charity of our choice. 

Late Policy
If a member is late to class, they will need to check in with the coach on duty to determine if they will be able to attend class. We typically will extend a 5-10 minute grace period as long as the class is still in the middle of the group warm up, but ultimately it is at the Coach’s discretion and safety assessment. If the class has commenced the skill or strength portion of the class then the member will be asked to attend the next scheduled class of the day. Members who are allowed to join the class late, will be given an alternate warm-up to be completed immediately so as not to further delay the class. The individual may also be asked to sit out of the skill or strength portion if they are late and prepare for the WOD. This policy is meant to ensure that classes run on schedule and in a safe manner. We value your safety as well as our members and coaches time, and we ask that all of our members respect this policy and make every effort to arrive on time, if not early for class. Additionally, if a member is consistently late to class and it appears they are abusing the late policy, the member will be asked to attend the next available class of the day.