CrossFit Morden Member Perks! 

CFM is now a “pick-up” location for local grass fed beef, lamb, pork, chicken and eggs! Pick up is every other Thursday from January 9 until March 19 from 4-7pm. The bonus to you is that you save the home delivery fee when you order for pick-up to CFM and you can come get a workout in at the same time!

Taking care of our health is about more than just movement – it’s also about what we eat. LOCAL FOR THE WIN! Plus, when we support our local farmers, our community becomes healthier too.

Pick up dates for the season: January 9, 23 / February 6, 20 / March 5, 19

Breezy Way Farm
– Locally raised, cage-free, pasture-raised, free-roaming chickens
– Grass-fed / grain-finished
– Nitrate-free

Select “Pick-Up” as your method and select “CrossFit Morden” in the dropdown menu.
$7 min. order required.

Thousand Hills Ranch
– Locally raised, grass fed, pasture-raised, free-foaming beef and lamb
– Regenerative farming philosophy
– Higher nutrient value than conventionally raised animals

Select “Pick-Up” as your method and select “CrossFit Morden” in the dropdown menu.
No min. order required.

Here’s why this local meat and egg thing is exciting:

If you’re into the idea of helping to save the planet this should excite you.

SOIL is important. Many of our fields are DIRT not soil. In order to have healthy soil, we need animals grazing on it, NOT animals in cement buildings grown for quick production. Regenerative Agriculture is the way (video in this post) and if you want to know more, I highly suggest this podcast:

If you’re into the idea of getting the most bang for your buck in regards to quality and nutrient density, this should excite you.

From a nutritional standpoint, grass-fed animals, in comparison to factory-farmed animals contain:
– higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (the good fats)
– higher vitamin E
– more nutrient dense per ounce

If you’re into supporting your local economy, this should excite you.

Tiina and Dean of Thousand Hills Ranch and Bev and Wes of Breezy Way Farms live right here in our area. By purchasing their products, you support them and their business, in return keeping your hard earned dollars in our community. 

By the way, CrossFit Morden does not benefit financially from offering this, but we do benefit in so many other ways including knowing you are getting an awesome deal and eating well. When YOU are healthy, our gym thrives. 

If you’re into saving some money, this should excite you. 

When you order to pick-up at CFM, you save the $10.50 home delivery fee.

If you’re into animal welfare and not into animal torture, this should excite you.

Buying this way supports quality of life for the animal because they get to live in open spaces and not window-less buildings with cement floors. Their life is respected. The animals are not given low-level antibiotic regimes, not implanted with growth hormones and their feed is non GMO.